Loving #indie #electronica playlist on #spotify. 

P.s. The only paper i got here at the hospital is newspaper sooo yeah. #lettering #type #calligraphy
There are times you wake up with so many bad decisions. You see pieces of yourself all over the place. A reminder of the things you’ve done. Things doesnt feel right. Your head is spinning from all your troubles. You’re tired of judgement. You’re tired of people shouting at you, calling you names, people who had gone bitter through the years who gives  you worthless shit. You’re tired of what other people say. But the trick is they dont run your life. You live yours. You’re overly dramatic ridiculous self just worries too much on the things that don’t matter. At that moment you wake up with your head spinning, take a warm cup of comfort and solitude. Make your plan, layout your life. You deserve to be relieved from your troubles. But you gotta do it.
Sketchy sketching. It’s been rough weeks at work and it’s been so stressful only to find that our client suddenly decided to start from scratch again. A lot of things happened so fast even in and outside work. it’s just now that things are starting to be normal-ish i guess. I could only hope it’d last for a couple more days. 

So anyway, i doodled down some flourishing ornaments while being emotionally induced with so many feelings from the song Lost Stars after watching the movie begin again with my love last night.
It ain’t alwys too late to start small. hello july! A little too small Month-ender. Been real busy at work, but it isnt always too busy to make a little something. ;)
One beautiful afternoon
From watching too much orange is the new black on netflix.
For the Philippine independence day last june 12
Tfios night here!