An ode to the wonderful Debbie Millman and this quote from her recent interview with The Great Discontent. If you’re not tuned into her podcast, you’re missing out.

On a side note, I don’t make enough gifs! Will rectify this ASAP.

Debbie Millman. Watch her CreativeMornings talk on ten things she wish she knew when she graduated college here. →
My month ender welcomes the summer season. When sweats are dripping, and aircon and fans overheat.
Did a little portrait practice cause im getting a little bit rusty
Let it linger
No limits
Was flattered last week to receive a request from foarteverde. It means The magic of our dreams in romanian. I hope my response wasn’t too late i’m so sorry. But i wish this makes someone happy. Thanks!
Kabog! Bonggang bonggang bongbong
My muse
To keeping it up, good job!
Cause all of me loves all of you…
All of me, A heart-felt song by mr. John legend.
Passed by greenbelt earlier and saw a work by dex fernandez, thought i’d share it to ya’ll… With kind of a fan sign cause that’s what i kinda just do and am— a fan.
I need
An endless euphoria